Monday, February 9, 2015

10 Prompts #3: Your Most Prized Memories

Now that we've gone through a few fun lists of generic "getting to know your blogger", we have a more interesting topic to cover: memories! I guess this blog really is a compilation of memories, but here are a few of my favorites.

Farmers Market: I love going to the farmers market, and I always walk away with great memories from there, but there are two occasions that really stand out to me. On was when a street performer (who was really talented!) caught my interest because he was playing some music that I liked. I went over and put a dollar in the guitar case, so he asked if I had any requests. I didn't, so I just said "what ever's your favorite to play". He played one of my favorite songs! It was really awesome! I ended up talking to his friend/wife/girlfriend, too, and she was really sweet! My next memory is when a lady and I got into a conversation about fashion (I was wearing my steampunk dress, and she had some fun clothes on, as well). 

The general concept of going to the market is something I value- every time I go I always have interesting conversations with interesting people, and it's fun to spend time with my grandparents :D

CVI: Then entire trip is one amazing memory! I had such a great time with the Lakehouse Girls, and I can't wait until the next time I see them! I remember when I finally met Grace and Autumn, the first two girls I saw in person. Mom and I were checking on a room, making sure it's where were supposed to be for the HU cupcake party, when we walked out and there was Ashley Eckstine. I was so star-struck that I walked into a sign xD I went  over and I was so shocked that I couldn't really talk, so mom asked if we could get a picture together. Ashley was surprised that we came all the way from Cali, so when mom told her I was there with the Lakehousers, Ashley said "Oh my goodness! Well, if you're with the Lakehousers, then I have to give you a hug!" It was really awesome! 

After that, I was a little shocked about what had just happened, but on the way down the escalator, I heard someone at the bottom say "Amanda? Is that you?" 

I don't recommend running down an escalator. It's kind of hard.

But off I went, running down the escalator, where I was greeted by Grace and Autumn. It was one of the best moments of my life!! Then they brought me over and introduced me to the other girls! 

My mom told me that as she watched us, it didn't seem like we were meeting for the first time, it was more like we were old friends meeting up for the first time in a few months :)

(I'm the one in the blue dress... even though you can't really tell by this pic lol)
Prom: At the end of 10th grade I was so done with my school. My main goal was to get out of there and finish up my high school career within one year at my local community college. Obviously, that didn't happen, but I did make it a goal to have the "high school experience", which included prom. So I talked to my best friend, Anna, and she was on-board. She invited her boyfriend (Anthony), I invited another one of my best friends (Jaymes), and we all went to prom together. 

My grandparents volunteered to make us dinner, and so we all ate at their house, took pictures (and took an obscene number of selfies on Anna's phone), then sang 70's/80's classics on the ride over (doing full harmony of Bohemian Rhapsody... even though Anna and I are the only ones with any formal voice training xD).

Europe Trip: Nothing in particular stands out- the entire month was an amazing experience that gave me a whole new view of the world. Venice was probably one of the most amazing places I've been- the whole city is literally built on water!! And I was talking to my Italian tutor, and the canals are put under the same titles as streets in Italian (road/street/boulevard and such). Meeting my family in Lucca/Ceva was really cool, and I can't wait to see them again- hopefully this summer :D  Switzerland was the most beautiful place I've ever been... the alps are beautiful and the water is beautiful and the towns are beautiful and the sky is beautiful and... everything about it was beautiful! 

Well, I'll stop the list there, but I have soooo many other awesome memories that I could share xD but i just posted the first that came to mind. Others would be Fall Kraken Con 2014, 8th grade graduation, "Into the Woods" (the first time I was in a real production), horseback riding, making lava cakes to eat while watching Legend of Korra... as you can see, I barely scratched the surface.

So what are some of your favorite memories? I'd love to hear them!


  1. OHMYGOD... Ashley Eckstein hugged you?? That's awesome!! XD
    Eheheh.. prom, oh prom. I'm in an all-girls school. There might not even be prom. XP

    Wait.. Amanda? I think you've found me on Facebook...

      I used to go to a school that had an all-girls high school... they would partner up with the all-boys school for prom... maybe yours does the same thing? idk lol
      I didn't do any stalking xD i recognized your drawings when you tagged Maegen in one, and then a few weeks later you tagged her in something else that i had seen on your blog.

    2. Sorry for replying late...

      Hmm, we do have a (rather unofficial) all-boys school (spiritual) counterpart. Outsiders like to ship girls from my school with boys from that school, even though we don't even originate from the same school group. I have some friends there. One of them is a sweet boy with a golden voice. I sure won't mind going to prom with him ;)

      LOL the world is sure small, eh? XD

    3. Haha that's fine I haven't actually been on here for quite a while xD
      Well, i guess they figure that having an all boy's school near an all-girl's school means that they have to date each other lol
      ooh well maybe you should ;) :p

  2. I know I'm late commenting but these are such great stories. :) And hearing about people's CVI experiences never gets old.

    1. Haha that's alright xD (I haven't actually been on blogger until last night so yeah...)
      Thanks! Yeah, CVI is alway so fun to remember :) That was absolutely one of the best weekends of my life!