Wednesday, May 21, 2014

"Who is Your God?" A poem/ An explanation of my school year

We all have a god... maybe not a religious god, but something that fills the place for a god. Idk this was written over multiple weeks while I was in various moods. Take no offense. (And as ya'll know I am Christian, so yeah... idk i feel like i should say that. Also, I immagine the voice of this poem to be something like Benedict Cumberbatch/ Khan? idk what's up with that lol) 

Who is Your God?
By Shaak Ti/ Aithusa

Who is your god?
Is it the one they worship in the little chapel
on Sunday morning?
The one that Catholic elders
And Jewish children
Gain their wisdom?

Or is it the chaos that surrounds us?
The falling trees and the swirling of an endless void-
Only to be dragged into an oblivion of silence and despair?
Is it the belief that you have no god
Which brings you to your conclusion that you are religionless,
When religion itself is defined
As something we are all a part of?

Who is your god?

Is it the god of the ancients?
The one with many forms who cannot be defined as
One entity,
But as many?
They are lost to us.

Is your god a god of the ice and of the fire?
Or a god of rage and war?
Does your god have wings
Or a scepter
Or a crown?

Does your god condemn love and support hatred?
Or does it act out violence in the name
of converting the masses.
Does your god rule through fear?
Or anger?
Or mask it’s hate as love
and love as hate?

Is your god invisible?
Simply a shadow
of your past.

Is your god a pile
of rotting paperwork
at your inability to see eye to eye
with the rest of the world

Is your god a blank page
with an untouched pen?
And you laugh
realizing that in this instance
You are god.

Does your god even care?

So... critiques? Thoughts? Haha thanks for reading my scattered- brained poems.

I guess I should explain some. In the beginning of the school year, I was stuck into a private Christian school at last second (the day after it started). Now, it's a wonderful school, and the staff is super nice and welcoming. They understood that students actually have a life outside of school, and did everything in their power to not give us too much homework. I do love many aspects of the school.

Unfortunately, I struggled adapting to it, and some days I was disappointed with the attitude of the students (many just say "oh, God will take care of me" and not do any work). Not all of the students were like that, but there were enough to seriously bug me. Much of the year has been me trying to decide if I stay or not for my Juinor/Senior years. Well, I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens...

Hopefully I'll be back posting soon, once school's out. I'll probably have about a week left once this is posted... haha the scheduled posts make me feel like I'm writing a letter to the future!


  1. This is interesting, particularly how it came out of your experiences. Also, reading it in Benedict's voice is awesome. If you still have a bit of school left, good luck with it!

    1. Thank you! I just finished my last exam yesterday :D