Monday, July 22, 2013

Maybe I didn't make it to Comic-Con...

But I did have lots of fun this weekend!

On Thursday I went to Rodeo with my dad and friend Sierra. My Uncle DL and Zia Linda were there, too, volunteering. Thursday night is "Tough enough to wear Pink" to support breast cancer research, but I realized I don't own anything pink! I ended up wearing my Rebel Alliance shirt... yep. Star Wars, totally Rodeo-ey. At least I have a cowboy hat :p

The band outside of the arena
One of my best pictures... Bike riders!
This guy actually held on pretty long. 
Beautiful horse 
Fire works!

Friday was pretty relaxed. I worked on my book most of the morning, and then went to Grands house to work on my Steampunk skirt. Saturday was pretty similar. I went to karate in the morning and then to work on the skirt. It was lots of fun, and we listened to lots of 50's music. She told me about how when she was young, she would listen to Elvis and her mom would get so upset. It's funny how she had a story to go with so many of the songs. One of my favorites is when she almost met Elvis. She worked as a reporter, and he was staying in a near by hotel. The news company she worked for wanted her to get in and meet him. Unfortunately, they wouldn't let the station send somebody over. She went to the hotel and dressed as a maid, and brought up room service. When she got to his level, one of Elvis's body guards took the food, saying that he would take it. So close!

Ok, enough of stories, here's some pictures of the skirt making.

Tea and Hot Chocolate :)

Sewing station
Getting ready to put laces in 
Skirt down...
...And pulled up. I love all the ruffles!
Underskirt. I'm so proud of myself for sewing this :p

Yesterday, Sunday, Dad and I went to a baseball game up in San Francisco! I really love that city, it's really fun to do trips up there. Unfortunately the Giants didn't win, but it was still lots of fun!

Park entrance
The Giants are playing!
View of city- we were on the third level!
When we got home last night, we watched the last few episodes of Primeval. Sad developments. Bye-bye, face-dude! But yeah, I really like this show.


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! Your cosplay looks cool - I love hearing about those things. :) That's a neat story about Elvis!

  2. Thank you! Haha, my Grandmom has lots of crazy stories about her run-ins with famous people.