Sunday, June 30, 2013

Getting Ready for Summer!

(Yes, i'm lazy and re-using a picture I made a year ago :p)

Summer  is almost here! I AM SO EXCITED! But then again, who wouldn't be? I'm not officially on break yet, I still have to finish Math and History, but I should be done with that soon.

I can't believe it's been over a year since I went to Europe. That was one of the awesome est trips in my life! I was probably in Rome this time last year. Yep,

Oh, so I got my wisdom teeth out... What fun. I've been sitting in bed watching movies since Thursday, and am getting a bit tired of it. Well, I did do sow drawing, oh! So this summer I have a bunch of cosplay related projects coming up. Most importantly AN ENTIRE COSPLAY ROOM!! My parents are awesome and are letting me convert the storage room upstairs into a sewing room! 

Ok, what else...well, I don't have a lot planned for this summer, other than going to my second house on the weekends, and a possible technology camp. Hopefully I'll dedaate more time to drawing, and singing, and writing. I may start doing short stories or poems and posting them once a week. 

Yep. So I hope everyone has a fantastic summer!
(And I'm almost done with that Host Club review. I'll finish/post it once I'm feeling better and can think straight :p)


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