Friday, April 5, 2013

Feb./March Art~ My Version of 365

Things have been really busy, so I'm combining February and March into one post.

February/ March Arts

[Quartermaster] Older/Marriage
I completed Quartermasters wedding picture thing. She informs me that she is getting married to Loki. TARDIS blue dresses and fezzes, you can tell she's a Doctor Who fan! 


Close ups of the bride maids faces. Misty (top left)  and Syrena (bottom left) don't look like themselves at all, so they aren't them, I guess. Top middle girl looks like our friend Padfoot (she wasn't intended to be her, but thats just how it worked out). Top right could be me, but really the bridesmaids aren't actually supposed to be anyone. So basically I subconsciously drew my closest friends as bridesmaids. 

By request of my friend Hayley. I haven't finished it yet, mostly because I plan on doing them digitally.

Mystique Digital
Still not done.

I am Not Guilty
TCW fans will understand. I just couldn't deal with all of the plot twists in the finale, so I drew this. TCW WILL LIVE ON! *coughcough* sorry...

Iron Man Dress
So, as I was watching the Oscars, I noticed that ball gowns seemed to be in style. I thought it would be fun to design dresses based off of my fandoms. I know, people do this all the time, but it's really fun! No two creations are alike. (All of these dresses are modeled by Jade Rachel)
Blue Necklace and Fabric for Arc Reactor
Gloves with red & gold to make dress mor recognizable as suit.
Full Dress

X-Men Dress
This dress is mostly inspired by mistique's First Class outfit.
Ok, see where the black line stops and there is a darker blue shadow  That could be a hood or coller or something.
X-Men X belt. If that dosen't scream X-Men, I don't know what will!
Full Dress, I even cut Jade's hair so it looks a bit like Mystique's!

Captain America Dress
Not as big as the other dresses, but I feel like, for Captain America, it should be simple. So a one shoulder dress that just hangs down after her hips seemed like a good choice.
Star and Stripes. There would also be a necklace with a little diamond star. Nothing big or fancy, though.
Full dress

Thor Dress
This really is not that great, just a plain, silver, shawled dress with a bit of poof. This one, though, is really cool!

I made Ahsoka's armbands after TCW season 5 ended, but I have misplaced them, and we may never see them again :'(.

Tropical Sunset
Did this painting some time around 11pm. Mom said it looked like a tropical sunset, so that's what it is.

A Snowy Trek
Idk just random stuff to practice with

Ahsoka's Hallelujah
Yes, I know, I know: I'm doing wayyy to many Ahsoka/End of TCW things, but I made this video. But I probably should have warmed up my voice before singing, lol!

And the very last one... 

10 and Jade Rachel (1)
"Who is this Jade Rachel person that Shaak keeps talking about?" you ask yourself. Here's the page I made about her (and other random things you may need to know). So she is traveling with the Tenth Doctor right now (and will be for a while) and si going to a fairy tale wedding to stop the evil witch from doing something evil or the goblin from stealing the cake or the princess from eating the apple or the prince turning into a frog. Or maybe they're just there for a good time. Whatever you want. We have to wait for the next picture to find out!

Well, thank you for looking at my art! have a nice day! (Oh, and give me suggestions on how to improve, that would be good.)

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