Wednesday, January 11, 2012

High school

Ugh, I have to fill out SO MANY hugh school applications. Its killing me. I have three schools I'm looking at, and a possible fourth.

What is the real thing that is bugging me is two highly annoying boys from my class who are laughing their heads off at the table behind me, and I'm about to.... Now the librarian just came in and caught them on a phone.

Oh well, what I was saying is that what is really bothering me is all of this pressure that I have on me. All of you probably know what I'm talking about. Like when many people expect so much out of you that it's not humanly possible. Yes, it would be great if I were super-regazza (super teenage girl), but I'm not, I'm just me. But Super -Regazza sounds cool! I think I'll use it as a name in a book.

Well, time for homework.


  1. what do you want 2 go 2 school 4? :)

  2. *Sigh* yes, I know how you feel... it's hard! Why are you applying to high schools if you don't mind my nosy asking?